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renault 155.54 Empty renault 155.54

Message  AS GROUP le Jeu 13 Avr 2017, 11:48

Dear all

We have a trackror Renault 155,54,

In this machine we have some problems

1. Dose not move reverse,

2. Can any one help us. What is the model of gear box

3. How must be connected the valves in gear box(7 valves for moving, Wich valve for wich function)

4 Is anybody have wiring diagrams of this tracktor

The problem is

When we turn on forward move it is on in instrumental panel, forward, and second step, and machine is move forward

When we turn on backward move, forward and backward lamp stay on together, and machine dose not move backward


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renault 155.54 Empty renault 155.54 TRACTONIC

Message  Titannyck72 le Dim 23 Avr 2017, 18:33

Hello to you all,
I'm Jack from Renault Tractor Association (ATR)
Your tractor is equiped with an electronic driven gearbox noted as TRACTONIC. This one consists with a mechanical system with two sinchronisers and two wet disk clutches included inside the clutch housing but driven thanks to the seven solenoids you were speaking about.
The forward moving is given through the clutch E1 as a direct connection between engine and gearbox (position 2 or medium)
The reverse gear consist with clutch E2, relay shaft and sinchroniser S2 as intermediate line from engine to gearbox. (Because the two warning lights front and back still are on, it means both possibilities so the sinchro is not fully engaged or the clutch E2 is damaged and unable to be pressurised. For savety reason to avoid the tractor being in neutral, the front position is automatically engaged.
If the tractor is even working forward in such these conditions, there is no problem with pilot pressure (20bars)
Looking to the dashboard, is  located at a right place a red warning signal flashing for diagnosis. (electric "Z" as simbolus) It's probably flashing quickly = 2 per second.
I'm afraid you have to check for a connecting matter on the specifical wiring in charge with the main valves over the hidraulic block on top of clutch housing. (necessity to clean that place and to dry correctly all the connectors.
ATR is able to provide you with a workshop manual espacially in relation to this tractor.
You'll be very kind to give me your tractor serial number.
Best regards = Jack  Cool
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