Injection pump timing 551

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Injection pump timing 551 Empty Injection pump timing 551

Message  nick n le Mar 20 Nov 2018, 01:29

Hi everyone! Greetings from Australia!

I need some help on setting the injection pump and engine timing on my 551! I have had the engine rebuilt along with an injection pump rebuild and new injectors.
My mechanic left town so Ive had to find a new mechanic to do the job for me but he insists we find out the manufacturer specifications before we attempt setting the timing.
So can anybody please help with any relevant information please. I cant find anything in Australia, the 551 is not very common down under. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance!!

nick n

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Injection pump timing 551 Empty Re: Injection pump timing 551

Message  jb23 le Mar 20 Nov 2018, 09:01


Et bienvenue sur le site de l’Amicale du Tracteur Renault (ATR).
Le calage de la pompe d’injection sur le moteur est de 7,17 mm avant le point mort haut du piston moteur en compression et le tarage des injecteurs est de 180 bars.


And welcome on the site of Friendly of the Tractor Renault (ATR). The chock of the injection pump on the engine is 7,17 mm before the high dead point of the operating piston in compression and the taring of the injectors is of 180 bars.
Best regards.

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